Business Organizing

Founded in part to support the businesses of the clean energy industry, the 5 Lakes team brings insight and experience to support the task of business organizing around clean energy and water policy.

Their principals and consultants have played key roles in the birth and development of business groups and have dealt with issues including structuring an organizational format, increasing membership, growing revenues, strategic planning, and more. Further, 5 Lakes is well-connected to the clean energy and water associations in Michigan, the Midwest, and the country.

5 Lakes Energy led the development of creating the Michigan Energy Innovation Business Council (Michigan EIBC), bringing together businesses committed to a clean energy economy. The 5 Lakes Energy team has also worked with the Great Lakes Business Network, a group that aims to coordinate and elevate the voices of business leaders to protect the Great Lakes from environmental threats, and the Clean Energy Business Network, a group of businesses committed to promoting federal legislation to promote clean energy.

Government Affairs

Public policy development in Michigan requires examination and from many perspectives. The 5 Lakes team has extensive regulatory and legislative experience that spans public policy issues from water and energy, to natural resources and agriculture.  The 5 Lakes team will evaluate your public policy needs and develop a unique solution to address them.

5 Lakes Energy has been actively engaged in working with clients on clean energy legislation at the state and federal level. The team has strong relationship with policy makers in Michigan including the legislature, the Public Service Commission and state government departments.

5 Lakes Energy provides support to the private sector, business associations, foundations and non-profits focused on advancing clean energy and sustainability technologies and policies. In concert with your organization’s needs, 5 Lakes will analyze different policy options and offer strategic advice to make public policy goals a reality.

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