The 5 Lakes Energy team has a proven track record in the clean energy space. Collectively and individually they are recognized experts in clean energy, sustainability and environmental regulations, particularly as they relate to making clean energy more available and affordable.

Liesl Eichler Clark


Liesl Eichler Clark is a partner and co-founder of 5 Lakes Energy where she leads a client group that manages external business relationships, legislative communications and government outreach.  Learn More 

Douglas Jester


Douglas Jester is a partner at 5 Lakes Energy, specializing in utility regulation and energy policy, research and modeling. Learn More

Jamie Scripps


Jamie Scripps is a partner with 5 Lakes Energy where she specializes in renewable energy and energy efficiency policy, and research and analysis related to regulatory solutions and electric utility rate design. Learn More

Stanley ``Skip`` Pruss

Senior Fellow

Stanley “Skip” Pruss co-founded 5 Lakes Energy in 2010, specializing in energy policy and clean energy system development.  Learn More

David Gard

Senior Consultant

David Gard is a senior consultant with 5 Lakes Energy, focusing on utility system modeling, energy policy analysis, and business advocacy. Learn More

Laura Sherman

Senior Consultant

Laura Sherman is a senior consultant with 5 Lakes Energy where she focuses on renewable energy development, community engagement, and business sustainability. Learn More

Karl Boothman


Karl Boothman is a consultant with 5 Lakes Energy where he assists with economic research and analysis related to utility regulation and clean energy policy. Learn More

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