The 5 Lakes Energy team has a proven track record in the clean energy and water policy space. Collectively and individually, 5 Lakes Energy team members are recognized experts in clean energy, sustainability, water policy and environmental regulations.

Douglas Jester


Douglas Jester is a partner at 5 Lakes Energy, specializing in utility regulation and energy and water policy, research and modeling. Learn More

Laura Sherman

Senior Consultant

Laura Sherman is a senior consultant with 5 Lakes Energy where she focuses on renewable energy development, community engagement, and business sustainability. Learn More

David Gard

Senior Consultant

David Gard is a senior consultant with 5 Lakes Energy, focusing on utility system modeling, energy policy analysis, and business advocacy. Learn More

Rick Bunch

Senior Consultant

Rick Bunch is a senior consultant with 5 Lakes Energy, where he serves as Executive Director of the Michigan Municipal Association for Utility Issues. Learn More

Karl Boothman


Karl Boothman is a consultant with 5 Lakes Energy where he assists with economic research and analysis related to utility regulation and clean energy and water policy. Learn More

Jack Schmitt

Senior Advisor

Jack Schmitt is a Senior Advisor with 5 Lakes Energy, focusing on energy and water policy advocacy initiatives. Learn More

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