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Benjamin Stafford

Benjamin Stafford is a senior consultant with 5 Lakes Energy where his focus is on government and regulatory strategies, regulatory reform, and analysis of market policies which impact energy technologies.

Prior to joining 5 Lakes Energy, Benjamin worked in state and national public utility regulation, academia, and for Advanced Energy Economy, a national association of business leaders in energy.

As a staff member for the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio, Benjamin focused on advancing the state’s development of markets and public policies impacting utilities and their customers, while fostering economic growth. He also worked extensively with state utility regulators to identify and develop smart grid standards. Most recently, at Advanced Energy Economy, Benjamin’s work focused on government affairs, grid modernization policies and regulatory reform, the adoption of distributed energy resources, demand reduction strategies, and economic development.

Benjamin earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Master of Labor and Human Resources, and Master of Arts in Public Policy and Management from The Ohio State University and a Master of Science in Business Research from the University of Minnesota. His academic research focused on energy policy implementation, emphasizing the co-evolution of institutions, businesses, utility regulation and energy technologies.


Benjamin Stafford | Senior Consultant

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