Douglas Jester

Douglas Jester is a partner at 5 Lakes Energy, specializing in utility regulation and energy policy, research and modeling.

Prior to joining 5 Lakes Energy, Doug served as senior energy policy advisor at the Michigan Department of Energy, Labor, and Economic Growth. In that capacity, he applied scientific, engineering, and economic principles to the formation and adoption of energy policies for the state of Michigan.

Doug also served in various capacities at the Michigan Departments of Natural Resources (DNR) and Environmental Quality (DEQ) including chief information and technology officer at the DEQ and director of strategic planning at the DNR.  While at the DNR he personally conceived and led the efforts to develop Michigan’s first-in-the-world automated system to issue hunting and fishing licenses for which he was recognized by the Smithsonian Museum and ComputerWorld Magazine in 1994.  His work with the Los Alamos National Laboratory was used to develop ecosystem simulation models for managing Great Lakes fisheries and water quality.

Beyond his state of Michigan experience, Doug was director of government application solutions for MCI, chief technology officer of the Board of Automated License Systems, Inc. of which he was a member, a multi-year consultant to Verizon where he developed the company’s Smart Grid product architecture, design and implementation plans; and managing editor of the North American Journal of Fisheries Management for the American Fisheries Society.

Doug holds degrees from New Mexico State University and Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University.  He is an adjunct faculty member at Michigan State University.

He and his wife, Colleen, reside in East Lansing, Michigan, where he active in the community and a formerly served as mayor.

Douglas Jester | Partner

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