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Graham Woolley

Graham Woolley is a Consultant at 5 Lakes Energy, with a focus on statistical modeling for utilities & energy optimization and a knack for translating technical jargon into actionable policy.

Graham is a trained physicist, with an undergraduate degree in physics from UC Berkeley. During his time there he did experimental research in the Nuclear Engineering department, where he investigated new methods for geochronology and features of certain nuclear reactions. At the Berkeley Center for Theoretical Physics, he also developed, analyzed, and constrained several candidate models for Dark Matter to motivate future experiments to detect it.

Through his elective coursework and further research in the Civil Engineering department, he became well-versed in water treatment processes, the fundamental science of climate change, its effects and how to mitigate them, and the economic constraints preventing scaled progress on decarbonization.

Graham’s efforts to join the climate action space were thwarted by the pandemic, which struck shortly after he graduated. He instead spent 2020-2022 as a high school STEM teacher, serving students in the Fruitvale neighborhood of Oakland, CA. He is a natural educator, but he feels his skills are better suited to and more needed in the decarbonization space. His role at 5 Lakes enables him to leverage all his skills optimally.

Graham lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and enjoys hiking its endless scenic trails with his pitbull, Jenga. He enjoys being outside, paddleboarding, biking, playing several instruments, traveling, martial arts, and reading widely.

Graham Wooley | Consultant


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