Jenn Hill

Jenn Hill is a Senior Consultant with 5 Lakes Energy, working on policy development, analysis, and advocacy with a focus on preparing rural regions for energy transition and climate change.

Jenn Hill is a Senior Consultant with 5 Lakes Energy, focusing on energy policy, advocacy and analysis. She has 25 years’ experience in government, business, nonprofits and philanthropy. The common element is sustainable development. Since moving to the Upper Peninsula (UP) Michigan in 2014, Jenn Hill’s work has focused on energy transition and climate change impacts at the local, county and state levels and developing opportunities in renewable energy, electric vehicles, and electrification of buildings. Most recently, Gov. Whitmer appointed her to the UP Energy Task Force to addres the region’s unique energy issues.  She currently serves as Vice-President of the Citizens Utility Board of Michigan (CUB of MI), which represents the interests of residential energy customers to ensure that they pay the lowest reasonable rate for utility services and also benefit from investments in clean energy. CUB of MI is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization whose members are individual residential customers of Michigan’s energy utilities.

She is in her second term as a Marquette City Commissioner (since 2018). Her career began by examining effective citizen water quality monitoring in her master’s thesis in environmental planning at MIT. She also holds a BA cum laude from Barnard College. A 4-H kid with family roots in the industrial and agricultural Midwest, Ms. Hill enjoys seeing Lake Superior shining on the horizon as she shovels the snow from her driveway.

Jenn Hill | Senior Consultant


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