Ram Veerapaneni

Ram Veerapaneni is a senior consultant with 5 Lakes Energy focusing on Natural Gas regulatory issues and Gas Pipeline Safety matters.

Ram Veerapaneni is a senior consultant with 5 Lakes Energy focusing on natural gas regulatory and pipeline safety issues.

Prior to joining 5Lakes Energy, Ram worked for 23 years at DTE Gas Company, Detroit, Michigan as Principal Engineer , Manager of Codes and Standards and other engineering positions. He spent 22 years at the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) managing Michigan’s Gas Safety Program and presenting testimony in gas utility proceedings representing the MPSC Staff. He supervised participation of 9 engineers inspecting gas utility pipeline safety compliance activities and presentation of testimony in utility cases before the MPSC. He has been a member of the Gas Pipeline Technology Committee for 25 years and is a Life member of ASME and NACE.

He is a registered Professional Engineer (P.E.) in the State of Michigan. He has Master of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Wayne State University, Detroit, MI and Bachelor of Engineering degree from Andhra University, Vizag, India.

He and his wife Padma reside in Canton, Michigan where he is active as a member of Canton Kiwanis Club.

Ram Veerapaneni | Senior Consultant


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