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Rob Ozar

Rob Ozar is a Senior Consultant with 5 Lakes Energy focusing on regulatory policy, energy analysis, and engineering.

Rob has worked in the field of energy policy and utility regulation for over forty years. Prior to joining 5 Lakes Energy, Rob was employed by the Michigan Public Service Commission as Assistant Director of the Electric Resources Division, Manager of the Energy Efficiency Section, Manager of the Electric Reliability Section, and an engineering specialist in natural gas engineering, energy resources and markets.

Rob has a Bachelor of Science degree, with honors, in Chemical Engineering from Michigan State University, and a Master’s in Chemical Engineering, also from Michigan State University. He is a licensed Professional Engineer.

Rob has a strong passion for both environmental and consumer protection issues. He has provided expertise and leadership in policy initiatives in energy efficiency, renewable energy, electric vehicles, battery storage, smart grid and regulatory initiatives relating to utility of the future including incentive ratemaking policy.

Over the years, Rob has spoken as an energy expert at numerous national and international energy conferences and has been a regular instructor at the Institute of Public Utilities at Michigan State University.

Rob and his wife, Maureen, are lifelong residents of Michigan.

Rob Ozar | Senior Consultant


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