The Michigan Clean Energy Framework

5 Lakes Energy and the Michigan Energy Innovation Business Council are proud to share the Michigan Clean Energy Framework — a landmark report prepared for the Evergreen Collaborative, with the support and advice of the Rocky Mountain Institute. This report analyzes the economic implications of the policy options to decarbonize Michigan’s economy and cut emissions.

Municipal Street Lighting: 10 Tips for Local Governments by Rick Bunch

Municipal Street Lighting: Ten Tips for Local Governments Street lighting is often a local government’s biggest energy expenditure and the most widespread and visible service that local governments provide. Many local governments pay too much for street lighting and get bad service because investor-owned utilities control their streetlights. Information is power, however, and knowing what…


Powering Forward: Accelerating the Binational Great Lakes Region’s Clean Energy Transition

A new report for the Council of the Great Lakes Region, prepared by 5 Lakes Partner Douglas Jester and co-founder Skip Pruss, analyzes the opportunities of the clean energy transition available to the two Canadian provinces and eight US states in the region. The report includes recommendations for actions, commitments and collaborations to achieve full…


New Report from Citizens Utility Board: Electric Utility Performance – Ranking Michigan Amongst the States (2019)

There’s a new report out from the Citizens Utility Board of Michigan, prepared by 5 Lakes Energy LLC, that provides a scorecard measuring the aggregate performance of Michigan’s electric utilities in the areas of reliability, affordability and management of environmental impacts in comparison to the aggregate performance of the other 49 states and the District of…


New Report: Powering the Mobility Revolution

The Institute for Energy Innovation (IEI) recently unveiled its report, Powering the Mobility Revolution: The Case for Integrating Vehicle Electrification & Batteries into Strategies to Promote Autonomous Vehicles. “Self-driving vehicles are the next big step for the transportation industry, and the mobility industry is increasingly based on electric vehicle technology,” said IEI president and 5 Lakes…


5 Lakes Energy “Apples to Apples” Standby Rate Analyses

Minnesota Midwest Cogeneration Association/Fresh Energy November 2016 Comments in MPUC Case No. 15-115 Midwest Cogeneration Association/Fresh Energy August 2016 Comments in MPUC Case No. 15-115   Michigan Midwest Cogeneration Association Comments to Michigan Public Service Commission Standby Rate Working Group Standby Rate Testimony in DTE Rate Case U-18255 Standby Rate Exhibits in DTE Rate Case…


Guidance for Utilities Commissions on Time of Use Rates: A Shared Perspective from Consumer and Clean Energy Advocates

The following paper was co-authored by Douglas Jester, Principal with 5 Lakes Energy. What follows is the text of the introduction and executive summary. To download/view the full paper, please click here. Guidance for Utilities Commissions on Time of Use Rates: A Shared Perspective from Consumer and Clean Energy Advocates Electricity Rate Design Review Paper No. 2…