OrganizationCalifornia Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance (CSWA)Chile Sustainable Wine (Wines of Chile)Lodi Rules fo Sustainable Winegrowing (Lodi Winegrape Commission)Long Island Sustainable WinegrowingLow Input Viticulture and Enology (LIVE)Sustainable Australia Winegrowing (Program)- SAWEntwine Australia (Certification)Virginia Sustainable Viticulure ProgramWineryWise
Years in operation1221031666211
Staff47In-Kind from LWC02  00
Collaborative StructureFormed by WI and CAWGNoneNoneNoneEndorsed by IOBC Manged by MVGWTA, Certified through EntwineFreshcare Environmental, and SAWNoneWWIF and WAWGG
Annual BudgetUnknownUnknown$450,000$9,500$437,580Unknown $0$0
Funding SourceDedicated funds from CAWG, and WI with in-kind contributionsInscription Fees and Member dues from WOCSelf-Asseesment on winegrapes funds the LWCMembership DuesMembership DuesFees+Membership DuesFees+Membership DuesMinimal grant funds from indust associ.Grant Funds
PartnershipsReigonal Industry Assoc. Utilities, UniversitiesUniversity of TalcaCA State University Extension ProgramsCornel Extension of Suffolk CountyIOBC and Salmon Safe  VT (Technical Liason), VWB, and VWA to limited extentWA Universities
Grants utilizedSCBG, NRCS CIG, NFWF, USDA Risk Mgt. SCBGNoneSCBG and Value Added  NoneSCBG, and USDA RMA
Free or Membership basedFreeFee to access assessment materials, and membership dues to WOCFree to access, certification costsMembership BasedMembership BasedMembership BasedMembership BasedMembership Based through VVA, but tool is freeFree
Membership DuesN/AUnknownN/A$500 1-2 Years, $300 2+ YearsVaried, see LIVE Outline$50-$100$110-$440$75 (VVA)N/A
# of wineries2029620 (Certified)19 (Certified Members with vineyards)32 (cerfitied) 7350Unknown
Production of members150 Million Cases90% of Chile's exported wine  1,443,508 cases (certified)  N/AUnknown
# of vineyards954 ~75 273 (Certified)116 100 (Participants)Unknown
Acerage of members239,506 acres 20,000 in Lodi, 6,000 in CA1,100 acres10,410 acres (certified)7,000 Acres N/AUnknwon
Self-AssesmentYesYesYesYes (Vineyard Only)YesYesYesYes (Vineyard Only)Yes
SA Online?YesYesNoYesYesYesYesYesYes
Established Revision ProcessYes, specific chapters reviewed annuallyReview every 2 years with flexible to make one off changesYesReviewed on quaterly basisAnnual application to IOBC for endorsement and any standard updateUnknownUnknownAnnual, very informalUnclear
Vineyard CertificationYesYesYesYesYesNoYesNoNo
Winery CertificationYesYesYesNo (recommended by Chris Sera of LIVE to wait)YesNoYesNoNo
Certification LabelIn developmentYesYesYesYesNoNoNoNo
Certification Marketing ToolsGuidelines for claim useGuidelines, more internally?GuidelinesNo, left up to wineriesGuidelines for claim use and recommended marketing useNoYes, guidelines for claims and useNoNo
Umbrella Certification?No, but Lodi and SIP grapes can be usedNoNo, but partner with SIP and CSWANoNoN/AYes, ISO 14001, Freshcare Environmental, and SAWNoNo
Performance MetricsYesUnknownNoNoYesYesYesNo, only comparative toolNo
DatabaseOnlineUnknownYesOnlineSpreadsheetsOnlineOnlineOnline for comparison, and to help direct research with VTYes
Hold Educational WorkshopsYesYesYes (High priority)Through local extensive officeYesYesYesMinimallyA few online webinars
Conduct ResearchPartner with consultants and universitiesPartner with UniversitiesYes, moving toward less direct funding and more partnershipsPartner with local extension and water research teamsYes, grant and university projectsUnknownUnknownNo, partner with VTNo
Create Marketing MaterialYes, work with WI and CA TourismUnknown-access from incription fees?UnknownNoIn partnership with Salmon SafeNoSomeNoSome
Carbon Emission Target?NoNoNoNoManage Carbon Reduction Challenge but no state goalNoGHG Reporting Tool is a requirement for membersNoNo
Advocacy?Yes, through WI and CAWGNoNoNoNoNoYes, Entwine developed to meet naitonal standards, and reports used to inform policyMinimal, example of spray drift issues led by Virgina Wine Council 
Initial Goals Create internationally recognized standard to meet market demand and expand exports Establish strong vineyard certification     
Long Term Goals Increase Chilean Wine Export market share Winery Certification, performance metrics   Performance Metrics, Funding