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5 Lakes Energy is a Michigan-based policy consulting firm dedicated to advancing policies and programs that promote clean energy, sustainability and the environment.



The 5 Lakes Energy team has a proven track record in the clean energy space. Collectively and individually they are recognized experts in clean energy, sustainability and environmental regulations, particularly as they relate to making clean energy more available and affordable.
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5 Lakes Energy works with a broad spectrum of clients to advance clean energy and sustainability objectives across the U.S.
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In wake of record outage, Michigan utilities step up tree trimming

http://www.freep.com/story/news/local/michigan/2017/05/02/power-outages-dte-energy-michigan-consumers-energy/101011886/   A small army of tree huggers was out last week for Arbor Day — and more will be out this month —  planting saplings across metro Detroit and the nation while also cultivating public affection for nature’s celebrated sentinels of shade. As well they should. But down a side street on Detroit’s east…

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Founded in part to support the businesses of the clean energy industry, the 5 Lakes team brings insight and experience to support the task of business organizing.
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From public policy design to reviewing policy implementations around the country and world, the 5 Lakes team has the deep knowledge base necessary to review, analyze, and recommend models tailored to meet specific needs.
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5 Lakes Energy has the expertise and experience to facilitate collaborative efforts that foster and galvanize community stakeholders to engage in adopting and accelerating sustainable practices.

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