Publications & Testimony

5 Lakes Energy authors reports that provide the public, policymakers, and other decision makers with comprehensive information and recommendations on climate and energy issues. Often produced in collaboration with clients and other partners, these publications frequently feature 5 Lakes Energy modeling and data analysis to evaluate proposed policy solutions for their costs, benefits, and projected economic, public health, and environmental impacts.


Select Expert Witness Testimony

5 Lakes Energy has represented our clients in nearly 100 cases before the Michigan Public Service Commission and other regulatory bodies across the country that oversee utilities, the rates they charge for heat and power, and their investments in energy sources and systems. We seize every chance to testify as an opportunity to protect consumers, advance equity, and/or increase investments in energy efficiency, renewable power, and other clean-energy strategies.

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5 Lakes Energy is looking for partners and clients who want to make a difference on climate and energy issues in their states or communities. Please drop us a line and let’s get to work.