Senior Consultant



David Gard is a senior consultant with 5 Lakes Energy, focusing on energy policy analysis, utility system modeling, and business advocacy.

Prior to joining 5 Lakes Energy, David spent more than a decade in the nonprofit sector to advance renewable energy and build community resilience. He holds master’s degrees in business and resource policy from the University of Michigan where he won the 3M Prize in Industrial Ecology for applied research in life cycle assessment.

At 5 Lakes Energy, David conducts research and analysis in support of sound policy interventions. One area of work involves modeling long-term utility resource acquisition and applying this to specific jurisdictions. David also serves as part-time executive director of the Michigan Energy Efficiency Contractors Association (MEECA), a statewide network of companies which help their customers save energy and lower utility bills.

Beyond his experience in the energy policy arena, David has worked as a design engineer for a logistics company and served as an officer in the U.S. Navy. He earned his undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering from Northwestern University.

Outside of 5 Lakes Energy, David serves on the external advisory board of University of Michigan’s Center for Sustainable Systems.

Both David and his wife Gwen are Cincinnati natives and reside in East Lansing, Michigan.

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