Energy & Climate Notes 022716

The EPA Clean Power Plan – are we better off without it? Clean energy proponents were dismayed – to say the least – by the Supreme Court’s 5-4 decision to delay implementation of EPA Clean Power Plan rule limiting carbon dioxide emissions from existing power plants.  It was an unprecedented action by the court; for…

Energy & Climate Notes 020716

2016 Sustainable Energy in America Factbook Bloomberg New Energy Finance issued its annual assessment of the state of sustainable energy in the United States.  The Factbook provides considerable detail and analysis of energy trends and documents the decoupling of energy consumption and economic growth –  the U.S. economy grew by 10% since 2007 while primary energy…

MEC3 to Focus on Advanced Energy Opportunities for Business February 2

“Advanced energy procurement and direct energy management, coupled with the improving economics of renewable energy, are becoming core elements in corporate business plans,” said Liesl Eichler Clark, president of the Michigan Energy Innovation Business Council (MI-EIBC), a conference organizer. “Many leading multi-national companies have set goals to get 100 percent of their power from renewable energy sources, and an increasing number of Fortune 500 companies including General Motors, have signed on to the Corporate Renewable Energy Buyers Principles, aimed at securing better access to renewable energy from utility electric providers.

“The interest in low-carbon advanced energy is not limited to large corporations and financial institutions,” Clark added. “A growing number of smaller companies are also seeking advanced energy resources to meet their business objectives all of which we will explore at the conference.”

Corporate Pathways to Advanced Energy: The Growth of Market Demand for Clean Energy Solutions

Join us on February 2 in Detroit for the 3rd annual Michigan Energy Conference. The focus of this all-day conference is Corporate Pathways to Advanced Energy: The Growth of Market Demand for Clean Energy Solutions. This event will explore the considerations that are driving business acquisition of advanced energy resources, how emerging advanced energy technologies and business…

Michigan can comply with federal Clean Power Plan for a decade with no changes

“We urge Governor Snyder and his team not to rely too heavily on natural gas at the expense of clean, renewable energy like wind and solar when it comes to meeting Michigan’s energy needs,” said EIBC president Liesl Clark. “The initial Clean Power Plan modeling released today by the state of Michigan assumes the lowest-cost scenario for natural gas, which also poses the greatest risk for residential and business ratepayers. Clean energy will reduce that risk should the ‘best-case’ scenario for energy prices fail to materialize.”