Excitement about Energy Efficiency Developments Warm a Cold December Night

A crowded, warm banquet room in DeWitt served as the place for pizza and the regular meeting of the Michigan Chapter of Efficiency First last night.  It was a great line-up of speakers and very helpful information about the growing impact of Michigan’s energy efficiency programs.  To learn more about Efficiency First and the Michigan chapter, follow their link here.

Energy efficiency is our first fuel – reducing the amount of energy we use is the fastest and best way to avoid new generation.  Michigan is seeing large investments in the commercial and industrial sectors, as well as money available to homeowners to do weatherization improvements to their own homes because of federal and state policies and incentives. To learn and get connected to programs happening in Michigan, check out the Michigan Energy Efficiency Network at www.micheen.org or click here.

If you want to take advantage of those dollars to lower your energy bill, start by looking at your utility’s website to learn about what they offer.  If you plan to make the investment, check out the Michigan Saves program here and see how to stack multiple incentives on top of each other to really leverage your money.  To watch a video for background on home energy retrofits, click here.