Jolt the Volt

The boys and I took the Volt to the Thumb this week for my Grandma’s 84th birthday party.  It was a blast (more here at my Mom’s blog).  It was hot (thanks, Michigan, for the almost 50 degree weather swing this week) and the wind was blowing in Pigeon.

I charged the car at my parent’s farmhouse and when Mom posts a picture, I’ll share that.  It’s convenient that you take the portable charge cord and really plug in anywhere.

The boys love watching for the turbines because they know we are close to my parents farm.  My parents lakehouse is located close to the Ubly windfarm on the East side of Huron County and the farmhouse is by the Elkton/Pigeon windfarm.  It’s amazing to think that my sons will never live in a world without iPods or windfarms at Grandma’s and Grandpa’s.

I digress.  Max was sick yesterday so he joined me on the third trip to the Secretary of State’s office which was the charmed visit to get my vanity plate.  The first two visits entailed a very long line and the computer malfunction that plagued Michigan SoS offices a couple of weeks ago.  I moved off of “UNPLUGD” for the plate, and we settled on “JOLT” after the Transformer.  I can’t recommend that you watch the second Transformer movie (I slept through much of it which gives you an indication of the quality) but it was too entertaining for the kids to pass up naming the car for a Transformer.