My Transformer

My boys are convinced my Volt is a Transformer for many reasons, but the primary one is that their Bumblebee toy has a Chevy shield on the front, just like the Volt.  It’s very entertaining!

I am having a blast with the Mountain mode trick.  It really does seem to have a good impact on my mileage when I do expressway trips.  I need to track it a few more times to be certain.  It’s interesting, too, because this will all be different with weather.  The weather is so beautiful in Michigan right now (not too hot, not too cold) so I’m getting great charges.  Yesterday, I went to Lansing, used Mountain mode on the expressway but switching back on the exit ramp, and got home with leftover charge.  Normally, that’s good because I can do home trips – like getting the kids – on the battery then.  But it’s so beautiful we are bike riding whenever we can.

I also straightened out all my OnStar issues yesterday.  I had to call and talk to them, but it was just logins and passwords.  OnStar is great.  I am a huge fan.  I have not interacted with them before other than a state car that I rode in occasionally but I am so impressed with their services and responsiveness.  I get a monthly diagnostic email that articulates greater detail on my car.  I also use the handy app for my HTC Droid.  I wish they had the app for Blackberry.  The app allows you to monitor charge which is particularly useful when you are out and about and charging.  I can check while I’m in a meeting if my battery is full.  Maybe the best part is remote locking and unlocking.  It seemed dumb to me until we took the train to Chicago and my better half was certain he hadn’t locked his car.  With the Volt, you could check.