New Report from Citizens Utility Board: Electric Utility Performance – Ranking Michigan Amongst the States (2019)

There’s a new report out from the Citizens Utility Board of Michigan, prepared by 5 Lakes Energy LLC, that provides a scorecard measuring the aggregate performance of Michigan’s electric utilities in the areas of reliability, affordability and management of environmental impacts in comparison to the aggregate performance of the other 49 states and the District of Columbia.


Michigan’s electric utilities perform well below average compared to utilities in the rest of the country on these important metrics. Focusing on reliability, affordability and environmental impacts, this study finds that Michigan continues to fall behind other states on these key energy issues. These findings may be particularly important for policymakers and stakeholders that hope to improve Michigan’s economic competitiveness.


The full report is available here.


The Citizens Utility Board of Michigan (CUB of MI) was formed in 2018 to represent the interests of
residential energy customers across the state of Michigan. CUB of MI educates and engages Michigan
consumers in support of cost-effective investment in energy efficiency and renewable energy and
against unfair rate increase requests. CUB of MI gives a voice to Michigan utility customers and helps to
ensure that citizens of the state pay the lowest reasonable rate for utility services and also benefit from
the environmental implications of investment in clean energy. CUB of MI is a nonpartisan, nonprofit
organization whose members are individual residential customers of Michigan’s energy utilities. For
more information, visit


posted July 19, 2019