Corporate investment in renewable energy on the rise in Michigan

“Companies are very interested in how the Switch deal gets done,” said Liesl Clark, president of the Lansing-based Energy Innovation Business Council. But stepping up next with additional renewable investments could be private companies across a range of industry types and sizes, from GM and Steelcase to Black Star Farms LLC winery. Also getting into the game: Municipalities such as Lansing, Ann Arbor and Grand Rapids, said Clark, who also is a founding principal with 5 Lakes Energy, a Lansing consulting firm.

Michigan can comply with federal Clean Power Plan for a decade with no changes

“We urge Governor Snyder and his team not to rely too heavily on natural gas at the expense of clean, renewable energy like wind and solar when it comes to meeting Michigan’s energy needs,” said EIBC president Liesl Clark. “The initial Clean Power Plan modeling released today by the state of Michigan assumes the lowest-cost scenario for natural gas, which also poses the greatest risk for residential and business ratepayers. Clean energy will reduce that risk should the ‘best-case’ scenario for energy prices fail to materialize.”

Pruss Op-Ed in The Detroit News: Clean Power Plan a wake-up call for Michigan

Important insights on the #CleanPowerPlan from Skip Pruss of 5 Lakes Energy in latest Op-Ed in The Detroit News, available here: Energy policy has never been more important than is today. Earlier this month the Obama administration released its Clean Power Plan setting new national carbon emission goals for 47 states, including Michigan, requiring an overall…

Fight may take air out of mandate for sun, wind power Gary Heinlein and Jim Lynch, The Detroit News11:31 p.m. EDT July 26, 2015 Lansing — The most tumultuous issue in Gov. Rick Snyder’s bid to reshape Michigan’s energy policy is the battle over whether to require power companies to generate a certain quota of electricity through renewable sources. While environmentalists push for the expansion…