Seeing the USA… Countdown to Delivery of the Volt

My six year old and I went to visit the Volt Wednesday night.  We can’t pick it up until Friday for a list of reasons (much of which are my own schedule), so we decided to check on it.  I walked into the dealership and my salesperson took one look at me and said, “Let’s go check it out!”.  It is great to work with people who can understand the excitement.

The car was plugged in and charging back in one of their bays.  It came in late Tuesday night, early Wednesday morning.  I was in Detroit Tuesday, so I like to think it was the one I passed on a trailer on the Lodge.

I checked into vanity plates and had some great suggestions from my friends on Facebook.  Now I need to head to the SoS office to actually order it.

I have talked to DTE about the charging station, but I’m still debating a little.  We may move, and I know I can take the station but I’m wondering if I should save all the electrical work that might be necessary for the new garage.  Right now, I have an easily accessible 110 so I can do the 8 hour charge no problem.  We are fortunate to have awesome neighbors (another big problem with moving), and one is an electrician who is also  already done some great work on the service to our garage.

Can’t wait to be driving tomorrow morning!