Seeing the USA… Volt – Day minus One

So… my Volt is waiting for me at the dealer, I’m so excited.  It came in on the truck to Howell from Hamtramck last night.  It is red.

I can’t pick it up today, just not quite ready.  All the money stuff is set, I did the insurance change, need to deal with title, etc.  I have to go to Lansing tomorrow to show my Vibe to a friend who might want it for their high schooler, so I can’t drive the Volt tomorrow anyway.  I’m hoping to pick it up Friday morning and drive it to Ann Arbor for a Dept of Energy Wind meeting.

I’m toying with a vanity plate.  I ran a bunch of ideas through the “check availability” website and my favorite ideas were gone.  But the ones that remain include: 1) my volt, 2) wattacr, 3) rdisgrn.  I like number three because my red car is green, but it is hard to see.  I guess WATTACR is winning for me right now.  I like puns.  Someone suggested V = I R which I LOVE but you can’t use symbols.

More soon!